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November Fat Bird Woman Spotlight: Charity Frey with Nourish 4 Me

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Charity Frey is a local Denver Entrepreneur, founder, and owner of Nourish 4 Me, a company dedicated to making healthy living more accessible for everyone. She's passionate about creating healthy products that are both delicious and affordable and believes that nourishing your body should be a fun and enjoyable experience.

1. The Nest's Genesis: Tell us about the "a-ha" moment that led to the creation of your business. What inspired you to spread your wings in the world of entrepreneurship? I was really sick and knew that I needed to make changes in my diet in order to improve my quality of life. I started cooking for myself; first, it was simply gluten-free, then progressed to Aut

oimmune Paleo (AIP). My “a-ha” moment came when I realized how much these changes drastically improved how I was feeling and that I was good at making food that’s actually good for you.

2. Wingtip to Wingtip: In a nutshell, what does your business do? How does it soar above the rest in your industry? I help pe

ople eat in ways that support their health and wellness. People with chronic and autoimmune diseases trust us because they know we care about ingredients first. Unlike other food business models that consider cost first, we truly make quality and flavor our priority.

3. Flight Plan: Entrepreneurship is a journey full of turbulence and smooth glides. What have been the most rewarding and challenging parts of your entrepreneurial flight so far? It’s bee

n a challenge to market exactly why eating healthy is truly so important; food that is actually good for you doesn’t always have the best reputation for being delicious. The biggest reward is being a part of the moment in someone’s life where they realize that eating healthy can actually be easy and delicious and make them feel so good.

4. Feathered Leaders: Who are your top bird mentors? Share how these influential figures have guided you in your business endeavors. My business coach Kim Eickoff has been my guiding light. I’m also so thankful to be connected to a multitude of talented nutritionists that help to educate me and, in turn, improve my clients’ experiences.

5. M

arketing Migration: Fat Bird Marketing is all about effective strategies. How has your unique branding taken flight? Share a standout marketing strategy that gave your business wings. We stand out simply because of how unique we are. The service we provide is original and speaks for itself.

6. Breaking Eggshells: We've all faced naysayers and doubts. How did you overcome adversity and self-doubt on your path to success? When I ask the people I trust, like my husband/business coach/friends, “Should I be doing this?”, I always hear a resounding “YES!” My people help me squash my self-doubt. I also find so much reassurance when I listen to stories of other entrepreneurs on one of my favorite podcasts, “How I Built This”. I especially like the episodes featuring the founders of companies like Tofurkey and Silk. They are great reminders that everyone starts somewhere, and greatness and success can often take time.


. Sky's the Limit: What's the next big adventure for your business? Share your loftiest goals and aspirations – after all, the sky's the limit! I have a calling to open a communal space focused on health and wellness. I imagine it having space for everyone: coworking, coaching, offices, a commissary kitchen, and spaces for education of all sorts.

8. Avian Work-Life Harmony: Balancing nest-building and personal life can be a juggling act. What are your tried-and-true methods for maintaining a harmonious work-life balance? Setting deadlines for myself is crucial. Once the deadlines are met, I always make sure to soak up quality time with my family and f

riends and to get in my favorite forms of movement like yoga and running.

9. Chirp-Worthy Advice: If you could share a single piece of advice with budding women entrepreneurs, what would it be? Condense your wisdom into tweet-worthy excellence! “Just start. See what sticks and go from there.”

10. Flight of Gratitude: Spread your wings and let appreciation

soar. Who would you like to extend a heartfelt thank you to for helping you reach new heights in your entrepreneurial journey? Kim, Julia, My Husband, My children, Emily, the chefs & anyone that has worked with me along the way.

11. A Chirp Above The Rest: Lastly, we would love to hear from you about our services. Please write a short testimonial about your experience with Fat Bird Marketing. I absolutely love that I can just show up to Fat Bird Marketing and say, “This is me”, and they just *get it*. I feel so seen and understood without having to try to overexplain.

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