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The story behind Sweet & Savory Designs began when Karyn's (the founder) grandma, Dorothy Sweet, met and fell in love with her grandfather, Leonard Savory. Leonard was Dorothy's chemistry professor while studying at DU. You could say they not only had “chemistry,” but the perfect flavor profile for a fulfilling life together. Meant to be, the marriage of Sweet & Savory officially rejoiced on June 10, 1947.

Their love story then became Karyn's. She likes to think her name and its origin explains her obsession with all things food and beverage. Karyn is always thinking about her next meal and the happiness it brings. Her travels and love for food, paired with her creative passion for graphic design,
brought Sweet & Savory Designs to life.


Client: Sweet & Savory Designs

Date: 2020

Skills: Social Media Management &, Schedule Automation

Deliverables: Social Media Content Creation

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